Curriculum Vitæ


Willem Van Onsem


Ypres, Belgium

June 29, 1990

A software developer interested in functional programming and web development with Yesod and Django.


Software Engineer
R&D Software Engineer
Senior Python developer
Technical Lead Developer
Data Scientist
PhD Student


MSc. in Civil Engineering
BSc. in Informatics


 Programming languages
 Frameworks and Libraries

 Open Source

Below a non-exhaustive list of open source projects I maintain:

A website that contains common patterns and anti-patterns in Django.
A software package written in Haskell to convert items into unicode characters.
Compile-time validation of a CSS selector in Haskell.
Convert numbers into words, based on Python's num2words.
A package that converts text to slugs that are used in URIs.

Besides maintaining packages, I often contribute on other open source projects with bugfixes and code improvements.


Flemish Programming Contest
  • 3rd place 2023 (4th category)
  • 2nd place 2019 (4th category)
  • 2nd place 2018 (4th category)
  • 3rd place 2017 (4th category)
  • 2nd place 2015 (4th category)
  • 2nd place 2014 (4th category)
  • 3rd place 2012 (3rd category)
  • 1st place 2011 (2nd category)
  • 1st place 2009 (1st category)
Cross-domain Heuristic Search Challenge
First place on the CHeSC 2014 for the parallel track.
Golden Chalks
Third place for best teaching assistant computer science (2015).


Mainly contributions to the Haskell ecosystem. Some utility packages are published on Hackage.

On StackOverflow, I answered ≈  questions, mainly about Django, Haskell, and Python.

During my years in college, I wrote two course texts about Artificial intelligence and Digital Elektronics and Processors.

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